European Newspapers & Crisis PR Requires Real Change To Succeed

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Random thoughts and observations:


I am unsure of the data but I have no doubt that printed newspapers and magazines remain very influential in Europe. One cannot enter a coffee shop of a restaurant without seeing actual papers, much as one cannot enter a major city without seeing many newsstands. In terms of influence, and the man on the street, there's no doubt that public relations companies concerned with Europe need to realize the buzz created by papers there.


In Bahrain, media is dominated by a declaration from the National Institution for Human Rights (NIHR), a state-appointed human rights organization. The country has spent many millions on PR - and the committee reportedly said " ...Bahrain had been a victim of negative reporting by some international groups, but conceded the government response to the criticism often exacerbated it." Perhaps rightfully, he noted "Global human rights groups criticize countries and it is for these countries to improve themselves internally."
Any crisis pr agency would advise that in order to succeed at crisis communications, there has to be actual change. People cannot hire a crisis company and expect all problems to go away - simply does not work that way. Interestingly, the head of the committee said money "could have been better served internally on social infrastructure rather than defending "propaganda campaigns" waged by "political activists." In order to change bad press, the best way is to make real change. Word to the wise.

Then Finally

Who else noticed that the obituary for the former Chairman & CEO of Mobil Oil, Rawleigh Warner Jr. noted his expertise in PR? As the headline noted, Mobil Chief Mastered Public Relations, and went on to state: "..his most lasting contribution may have been in the field of public relations. Under Mr. Warner, Mobil switched from conventional advertising to "advertorials" that stated the company's position on issues in the op-ed pages of major newspapers." Read it at

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