John Kerry’s Israel Fixation

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A must-read article this month in Esquire Magazine, entitled "Why Are We So Obsessed with Israel? Hint: It's Not Doing Any Good," wisely examines the world's obsession with the Jewish state. As columnist Stephen Marche wisely observes, "The obsession has gone on long enough."

Marche rightfully notes an unfair obsession with Israel. Some pearls:

Israel has made it clear that it will deal with a nuclear Iran itself, and frankly, when all is said and done, Israel probably knows best. Its existence is at stake. As for the notion of a peaceful resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian struggle, there is no hope and therefore no pressing reason for intervention. So why bother? Why talk about it?

Couldn't agree more.

Any Zionist should celebrate these words from Esquire:

Standard foreign-policy wisdom holds that Israel is the key, that once the crisis there is solved, everything else in the whole of the Muslim world will improve. The terrorists will no longer have the necessary symbolism for recruitment. But the only thing that would satisfy the terrorists is Israel's ceasing to exist, and Israel, rather gauchely, insists on existing.

Wise, smart words. Of course, these words could be written of the entire world, not just the Americans. From European nations, who dare to speak of a boycott, to the United Nations, which condemns Israel every change it gets, to the Russians, the Chinese and everyone else - it always seems to be about Israel and the Jews.

Now, with American Secretary of State John Kerry returning to the Middle East for his sixth trip in three months, and continued talk of the need to compromise and reach "peace," this Public Relations Agency CEO wanted to offer John Kerry some tips on where he can better spend his time than on Israel.

Mr. Secretary Of State: The Jews aren't the problem. If you feel the need to visit the Middle East, just around the corner from Israel is a place called Syria (S-Y-R-I-A). In Syria, over 100,000 people have been slaughtered in the last two years, including more than 5,000 children under the age of 16. What can be more important than helping these people who have been killed in what many have called the largest humanitarian crisis in the last 50 years? Imagine if 5 Arabs had been killed in Israel what noise would be made? So when it's 100,000 killed a few miles from Israel, are they less important? Embarrassing to put focus anywhere else.

But, once you solve that issue, also just around the corner from Israel, you can deal with the Egyptian military who removed the Muslim Brotherhood from power, whom you and your boss, President Obama, helped get into office. Major problems in Egypt - and of course there are implications as a result with other traditional American allies in the region, including Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Kuwait, over the path forward in Egypt. That should take care of a few days, no Mr. Secretary?

And once those minor tasks are handled, work on bringing Edward Snowden to justice, and dealing with the chaos which has erupted as the result of Snowden fleeing America. Russia and China have both openly disregarded and disrespected America, and Latin American countries Venezuela, Bolivia and Nicaragua are willing to offer Snowden asylum. Clearly there are some major problems brewing for American interests in Latin America. While I know that only a few months ago Kerry praised America's emerging "special relationship" with communist China, maybe it is time to re-examine that in light of Snowden?

Esquire noted regarding Kerry's Israel visits, "There is nothing he could be doing that would be a bigger waste of his time, including windsurfing." They are so right. Although once the avid-wind-surfer is done, he can further hone his yachting skills on the $7 million yacht he was on during the Egyptian coup. (Talk about a public relations disaster! Stay away from yachts when the world is on fire.)

Governments and the media have an unfair obsession with the Jewish state - and while it is simply gorgeous this time of year, there are much more important places for Kerry to focus. What better time than now, with Syria, Egypt and much of the Middle East in chaos, can there be to realize that maybe, just maybe the problem in the region isn't with America's closest ally, Israel but is elsewhere?



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