Obama’s Legacy of Disaster

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During a press briefing on Friday, Obama got angry and insisted, "The one unifying principle in the Republican Party is making sure that thirty million people don't have health care." He continued, "The American people would have difficulty understanding why we would weaken our economy, shut down our government, shut down vital services, have people who are not getting paid who then can't go to restaurants or shop for clothes or all the other things that we are doing here - because Republicans have determined that they do not want to see these folks get health care."

Since being elected in 2008, Obama has consistently portrayed himself as the underdog. How can the man who is supposed to be the most powerful man in the world be the underdog? He is simply a fool.

And of course, Obama is wrong - no decent American of any political stripe wants Americans to not have health care. It's just that part of this country still believes in capitalism and does not think that businesses and those who work need to provide for those who don't work. There are indeed some who believe that the wealthy should be allowed to keep their money instead of paying for the rest of the country. Why should some Americans be penalized and pay for others? Because I am 5WPR CEO, I need to pay for others?

Economically, a full five years since being elected, the man is constantly blaming someone else. Is it all still President Bush's fault? Even liberal media like the Washington Post recently wrote of the most recent quarter's dismal 1.7 percent growth: "It isn't even mediocre. It's terrible. It's a sign of the diminished economic expectations ... that it's anything to crow about at all." At some point doesn't Obama have to take responsibility for failure?

On the foreign policy front, the Obama administration is also a disaster. Take, for example, the U.S.'s pathetic interactions with Russia. Amongst the reasons President Vladimir Putin blatantly disrespects President Obama is because he views Obama as weak. Putin (and China & others) do not fear Obama. A major stumbling block between the nations remains Syria, where Putin continues to support Assad, as his nation is a long-time Russian allies. Putin understands that an overthrow of Assad would create risk that Russia would lose influence in Syria. As Putin told Obama there have been "previous examples of political transition in Egypt and Libya as well as their concern that the West does not have a credible plan for what would happen to Syria's various battling factions and ethnic groups if Mr. Assad stepped down from power." Putin flaunts Obama's failures to justify his support of Syria - and strengthen Russia's hand.

While Putin stands with Assad, Obama abandoned Mubarak, a longtime ally. He forgot the need for nations to protect their strategic interests. And today, in the midst of chaos in Egypt, all sides in the civil war fault America in a nation, which was formerly a staunch American ally. While no one remembers the name of the Americans killed in Benghazi, Putin stands by his Syrian allies. From a Public Relations standpoint, Putin is a genius.

Obama is impotent. Has there been a time ever before when America has had worse foreign relations or been less well-respected worldwide? The entire world is mocking America. Can anyone possibly believe that Putin gives a damn if Obama will not meet with him?

The economy struggles, and Russia and China openly disrespect America. Obama made the wrong decision in Libya, Egypt and elsewhere and remains more concerned about Jews legally building homes in Israel than radical Muslims building bombs in Iran. He missteps by insulting Britain by appointing a top campaign donor as the ambassador to the UK. On so many issues, this administration is a joke.

On Friday, Obama spoke of the importance of the American people having confidence in certain policies. They don't have confidence - although the Russians and Chinese do and should. How can any American have faith or confidence in the administration of President Barack Obama? President Obama is a disgrace.

SOURCE http://frontpagemag.com/2013/ronn-torossian/obamas-legacy-of-disaster/


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