Torossian Asks Ultra-Orthodox Jews to Have Better Outreach

Posted by Ronn / on 11/28/2013 / 0 Comments

Ronn Torossian, CEO of 5WPR penned an oped in Hamodia, the largest haredi daily newspaper in the world, which urged the community to make more of an effort in public relations matters. Here is some of it:

"I believe there are many reasons, among which is that not enough people see the many positive things the chareidi community does. Admittedly, bad things are more often news stories, yet every day so many in the chareidi community do good deeds which even people who are predisposed to be allies of the chareidim don't hear about. There are many reasons, but fundamental amongst them is the fact that chareidim aren't telling positive stories about the great things they do. They should.

Leaders of the community should also appoint spokesmen to respond forcefully when falsehoods are told. And on those occasions when people do bad things, a statement should be made acknowledging it as bad. That is what leaders do. Campaigns like this could create more areas of cooperation on issues of importance to the community. By eliciting sympathy amongst natural allies, it will make it that much harder for the media, government and others to paint the chareidim as evil - and so many other things which they are not."



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